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What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Adultery in Virginia

20-40% of marriages end because of adultery in the United States. According to a study released in 2018 by the Institute for Family Studies, 20% of married men and 13% of married women have admitted to having intercourse with someone besides their spouse. While adultery may not be as common as media and popular culture …

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Do I Need a Lawyer to File for Bankruptcy In Virginia

Do I Need a Lawyer to File for Bankruptcy in Virginia? For many, bankruptcy can seem like their last option to save them from mounting debt. If you decide to begin the process of filing for bankruptcy, you may not want to spend money or just want to try to save money. Therefore, you might …

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What You Need to Do to File for Bankruptcy

For many people in debt, it can feel like they have nowhere left to turn. After amounting various debts, like late mortgage payments or mounting credit card debt, it can seem impossible to get out of that hole. One option is to declare bankruptcy. Despite many people filing for bankruptcy, the term and process still …

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Who Is Liable in a Nursing Home Injury or Abuse Case in Virginia

Deciding how to best care for your elderly loved ones is not an easy choice. You want to make sure you can find a nursing home or assisted living facility you can trust to take care of an important member of your family.  You expect the nurses and employees to treat your elderly family with …

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What Happens If I Declare Bankruptcy

The simple answer to this question is that most or all of your debts are cleared when you declare bankruptcy. Of course, this also depends on the particular chapter that you file under. Regardless, bankruptcy is what happens when the debts you owe outweigh the amount of money you make in order to pay those …

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