June 25, 2016

Laws passed by the Virginia General Assembly last February will go into effect on next week, July 1. There are hundreds of new laws on the books and some of them will impact gun owners and those looking to purchase a firearm. 

Virginia will recognize all valid concealed handgun or concealed weapon permits and licenses issued by other states, according to State Police.

That recognition will depend on the following requirements:

1. The holder of such permit or license is at least 21 years of age; and

2. The permit or license holder carries a photo identification issued by a government agency of any state or by the U.S. Department of Defense or U.S. Department of State; and the holder displays the permit or license and such identification upon demand by a law-enforcement officer; and

3. The permit or license holder has not previously had a Virginia concealed handgun permit revoked.

Although the new law requires Virginia to grant recognition to all states that issue permits, other states are not required to recognize or authorize Virginia permit holders to possess a firearm in their state.

Furthermore, starting July 1, people who want to privately buy or transfer firearm(s) at a gun show in Virginia can request a criminal background check on the buyer. State Police will be available at every firearms show in Virginia to conduct those checks.

A background check in a private sale ensures that the gun is transferred only to a person lawfully eligible to possess firearms and provides evidence to the seller of diligence to protect against the illegal transfer of firearms. Participation in these background checks is strictly optional and based upon agreement entered into by the firearms seller and recipient.

Those background checks would cost $2 and takes about three minutes.

Click here for information about what it takes to be eligible to buy a gun in Virginia.

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