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How Do I Know What Type of Family Law Attorney I Need?

When you think of family law, what kind of cases do you think this covers? Divorce? Child custody? Family Law covers a fairly wide net of legal issues revolving around familial disputes. While divorce and child custody cases are the most common in Richmond, this branch of the law also includes adoption, marriage contracts and …

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What to Look for in a Child Custody Lawyer

Divorce cases are nothing short of stressful. While sorting through the assets between yourself and your spouse, you also need to consider the most important assets, that is the well-being of your children and what’s best for them. Because of how important these decisions are in a child custody case, it’s vital to find an …

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How Do I Find a Family Law Attorney

As with other law practice areas, you don’t typically think about the process of finding a family law attorney until you absolutely need to. To help you in your search for a family law attorney, we’ve compiled some tips on steps that will help you make the best decision you can for hiring a family …

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Can A Father Take a Child Away From the Mother

Your children are the center of your life even when marital disputes threaten your involvement in their lives. Maybe you’re the mother who’s worried about the father, or maybe you’re the father worried about how the mother is raising your kids. In both cases, you’re wondering if the father can take the children away from …

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How Do I Protect Myself Before Divorce?

The threats of a shattering relationship can turn ugly real quick. In a divorce, the bitterness can lead to vindictive actions. Escalation can be all too common as you and your spouse cope with splitting a shared life into two independent ones. As a divorce becomes more and more likely, time is of the essence. …

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