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What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Adultery in Virginia

20-40% of marriages end because of adultery in the United States. According to a study released in 2018 by the Institute for Family Studies, 20% of married men and 13% of married women have admitted to having intercourse with someone besides their spouse. While adultery may not be as common as media and popular culture …

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What Should Be Included in a Divorce Settlement

Getting a divorce can be a long and difficult process. Emotions are high as you end what you thought would last forever. One of the most contested yet important parts of a divorce is writing up the divorce settlement agreement. This process involves sitting down with your ex-spouse and determining how you both will split …

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What Are The Stages of Separation in Divorce

No fault divorce requires that you are separated from your spouse for at least a year. (This can be as little as six months if you have a signed agreement in place and no minor children together. During this stage in the divorce, your marriage may feel like it’s in limbo. You may feel confused …

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What Are My Rights If I Have Full Custody

Legal custody is your right to make major decisions for your child. The decisions usually covered under the umbrella of custody include big life choices for your child such as religion, education, and healthcare choices. With legal custody over your children, you can make choices that have a big impact on their future. Virginia law …

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How Do I Know What Type of Family Law Attorney I Need?

When you think of family law, what kind of cases do you think this covers? Divorce? Child custody? Family Law covers a fairly wide net of legal issues revolving around familial disputes. While divorce and child custody cases are the most common in Richmond, this branch of the law also includes adoption, marriage contracts and …

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