May 15, 2018

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce and live in the Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and Harrisonburg areas, Cravens & Noll offers a free consultation so we can meet in person and talk about your needs and how we can help. This is a very important meeting for both sides because it gives you a chance to see if we’re a good fit for you and if you and your case are a good fit for us. 

Honesty is the best policy 

You’ll want information from us and we’ll give that to you as best as we can. We will also want information from you. Just as you want us to be honest, we want you to be honest too.  

  • We can’t help clients if they won’t tell us what’s actually going on.
  • You may have made mistakes, done or said something you shouldn’t have or are embarrassed about something. It’s OK to tell us these things.  
  • We’re ethically obligated not to divulge what you tell us to others (unless you want us to).  
  • Given all the years we’ve helped people with divorces, all the clients and potential clients who’ve come through our doors, chances are pretty slim you’ll tell us something that we’ve never heard before. 
  • If something you’re hiding is important and your spouse breaks the news at a critical part in the divorce process and we’re unprepared, it won’t do you or us any good. 
  • Just as you can fire your attorney, as part of our representation agreement with our clients if you’re not being truthful with us, we might stop representing you too. 

Information we may want from you 

Some of the information that we could ask for during a consultation includes, 

  • The basic facts of your relationship, including how long you’ve known each other. 
  • Why you, your spouse, or both of you want to divorce. What your problems are, when they happened and why they haven’t been resolved. 
  • Whether you really want a divorce or whether you might want try to find a way to repair your relationship. 
  • What your goals are, what you want the results to be, in getting a divorce. 
  • What you would like to tell us about your spouse and what you think your spouse would say about you. 
  • Whether one or both of you are substance abusers or have addictive habits like gambling which impacted your relationship or finances. 
  • Whether you or your spouse suffer a disability making it difficult or impossible to hold a job and earn a living. 
  • Whether the two of you have children with each other and whether one or both of you have children from prior relationships. 
  • The ages of your children and whether they have any disabilities. 
  • Whether one of you put off furthering your education or put a premature end to a career to care for your children or support the other spouse in his or her career. 
  • Whether there is any domestic violence going on currently or if there was any in the past. 
  • Both of your incomes and how they’re earned.  
  • What kinds of assets and debts you have, whether you own a house, information about retirement savings or pensions one or both of you may qualify for. 
  • Whether one or both of you own businesses or whether the two of you own the same business. 
  • Whether you are trying to hide or shield any assets from the divorce or if you believe your spouse may be doing so. 
  • Whether one or both of you are in the military or will qualify for a military pension. 

Contact us and schedule a free consultation 

Cravens & Noll represents clients in the Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and Harrisonburg areas in all aspects of divorce, including negotiation, mediation and taking a case to court. We give our clients the opportunity to explain their situation and concerns and talk about the goals they’re seeking.  

We understand the emotional toll a divorce can take, in addition to the practical problems it may cause your work life and raising your kids. You can trust us with the legal issues you and your family face so you can focus on living your life and planning for the future. Call us today at (804) 330-9220 so we can schedule a free, initial consultation to discuss your current situation, the future you hope for and how we can help you attain it. 

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