May 29, 2018

Divorce and child custody cases can be highly emotional and deal with issues that are at the core of what most people hold dear. Who is my family? How do I care for and protect my children? How do I make sure that my children and I are treated fairly? What will my future family life be?  

If you’re looking for an attorney, look for someone you can trust 

If you’re seeking a divorce or child custody attorney in the Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and Harrisonburg areas, you need to find someone you trust with handling these critical issues. Someone who not only knows the law but someone who knows how to handle highly stressful, emotional situations that come with a divorce and deciding which parent has what rights when it comes to child custody. 

No matter what legal area you need help with, whether it’s because you’ve been injured in an accident, charged with a crime or getting divorced, you need to trust your attorney. You need to feel comfortable with the person and feel confident that person will fully represent your interests and protect your rights, whether when that’s during negotiations for an agreement between the parties or in court during a trial.  

Questions worth asking 

Here are some important questions you can ask to help narrow down whom you should work with in a divorce and/or child custody matter. 

  • Do you specialize in divorce and child custody? 
  • How much of your work is divorce and child custody cases? 
  • How many years have you been practicing law? 
  • How does your knowledge and experience fit with my needs as a client given the facts of my case? 
  • What approach would you take in my case? Are you very aggressive when dealing with the other attorney or party or are you more inclined to try to work out an agreement? 
  • What would you expect of me as your client? 
  • What should I expect from you as my lawyer? 
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case? 
  • What outcome I should reasonably expect in my case? 
  • Do you handle just negotiations, just trial work or both?     
  • Will you personally be handling my case or will others work on it? If there are others, who are they and what will they do? 
  • Do you have the time to take on my case and give it the attention I need? 
  • How much should I expect this to cost? How much time will this take? What might make that cost and amount of time increase or decrease? 
  • Do you work on retainer? 
  • Is there an hourly rate in addition to that? 
  • What happens when my retainer runs out? 
  • What hourly rate will I be charged if I call and talk to a secretary or paralegal? 
  • What are the costs, other than your time, that I’ll need to pay?     
  • How quickly do you respond to phone calls and emails? 
  • Will you update me regularly about my case? 

We earn our clients’ trust every day 

Cravens & Noll represents clients in the Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and Harrisonburg areas, in all aspects of divorce and child custody, including negotiation, mediation and taking a case to court. We give our clients the opportunity to explain their situation and concerns and talk about the goals they’re seeking.  

We understand the emotional toll a divorce and child custody matters can take, in addition to the practical problems it may cause your work life and raising your kids. You can trust us with the legal issues you and your family face so you can focus on living your life and planning for the future. Call us today at (804) 330-9220 so we can schedule a free, initial consultation to discuss your current situation, the future you hope for and how we can help you attain it. 

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