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Can I File Bankruptcy and Keep My Car and House

Bankruptcy can be a scary process when you do not know what property is at stake. When people file, one of their fears is that they will lose essential property such as their car or their house. Based on state bankruptcy exemptions, the equity value of your property, homestead protection laws, and what chapter you …

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Is My Home Protected In Bankruptcy

As one of the largest property investments people make, homes can be a serious concern when it comes to knowing what property you will be able to keep when you file for bankruptcy.  Will I be able to keep my house? Does a bankruptcy trustee have a right to sell my home? What exemptions do …

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Can I Keep My Car If I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Your motor vehicle can oftentimes be the only thing that can efficiently get you to work, to school, to the store, to take care of others, and to help accomplish other essential tasks.  When bankruptcy becomes the only option to help keep you and your family afloat during financial tribulations, you need to know what …

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Advantages to Filing For Bankruptcy

While the term “bankruptcy” can carry a bit of a negative connotation, there are circumstances where bankruptcy is the best option to keep you financially afloat. Filing for bankruptcy can give you the chance to start fresh, alleviate crippling stress and allow you to rebuild your credit, restarting your finances. It’s time we break down …

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When Should I File For Bankruptcy

If you’ve tried to clear your debts but are finding yourself in an endless hole of living paycheck-to-paycheck, without making a dent in the amount you owe, it may be time to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be the best option when it comes to giving you a fresh start, financially. But filing comes with …

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