Across four decades, nestled in the heart of Chesterfield, our diverse law firm has ardently defended the rights of 25,000 individuals across Virginia. At our core, there are 7 unique lawyers who cover all areas from Personal Injury to Divorce, embodying the essence of our slogan, “Your Lawyers For Life.” Rooted in a profound commitment to justice, we stand as Your Lawyers For Life, advocating for those harmed by negligence, ensuring rightful representation and compensation. Our seasoned team of local lawyers boasts decades of experience, specializing in a myriad of legal challenges. From Family Divorce Lawyers to Car Accident Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys, we offer comprehensive support. Whether grappling with divorce, bankruptcy, DUI charges, or personal injury cases, our attorneys are steadfast in guiding clients through the complexities of the legal system, ensuring that justice prevails.

The Legal Areas We Cover in Chesterfield

  • Personal Injury Law: Our specialization in Personal Injury Law involves advocating for individuals who have suffered harm, ensuring they receive rightful compensation.
  • Family Law & Divorce: Our Family Law & Divorce practice, including dedicated Family Divorce Lawyers, addresses the intricacies of familial legal matters, providing empathetic counsel and strategic representation.
  • Bankruptcy Law: In the realm of Bankruptcy Law, our lawyers guide clients through debt relief and financial restructuring, offering a fresh start for those facing financial challenges.
  • Criminal Defense: Our Criminal Defense team is committed to upholding the rights of the accused, providing vigorous representation in the face of legal challenges.
  • Small Business Law: Supporting Chesterfield’s entrepreneurs, our Small Business Law practitioners address legal issues affecting small businesses, from contracts to compliance.
  • Traffic & DUI: Our lawyers provide strategic defense for individuals facing traffic violations and DUI charges, ensuring fair legal proceedings in Chesterfield.
  • Estate Planning: Our comprehensive Estate Planning services assist individuals in securing their legacies, protecting assets, and ensuring their wishes are carried out.
  • Federal Tort Claims Act: Navigating the complexities of claims against the federal government, our legal experts provide knowledgeable representation in matters covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Get in Touch with Cravens & Noll, PC for Personalized Legal Support

With a legacy rooted in justice, our Personal Injury Law firm in Chesterfield has served over 25,000 individuals in Virginia. Our local lawyers, with decades of unique experience, provide expert representation in Chesterfield, Richmond, Harrisonburg, Colonial Heights, Henrico, and beyond. From personal injury to family law and bankruptcy, we are Your Lawyers For Life and will guide you through legal complexities, ensuring fair compensation and justice.




Jose Pietri

“I had a great experience and was treated with respect and quality service from the very start. Especially on day one with Lauren Meyer who answered my questions with calmness and caring nature. From that day, I knew that Cravens & Noll were the right ones to represent me.”

Pam Kenney

“I went to Cravens & Noll regarding a civil case I needed advice on & they’re amazing. They put my fears to rest, they don’t just arbitrarily take your money & they told me if I have questions regarding my matter I can set up an appointment & pay as I go. They gave me the courtesy of listening to me, giving me good, fair advice & their time. It’s well worth my consultation fee & if I need further assistance with my case or other legal matters, I’ll be back.”

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