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Motorcycles offer a level of freedom and adventure unmatched by driving a car. While they are fun, they can become dangerous on the open road. Worse still, motorcycle drivers have to constantly be on the lookout for negligent or distracted drivers operating 3 ton battering rams at 60 miles per hour.

In 2017 alone, there were 2,119 motorcycle crashes in Virginia 102 motorcycle riders  were killed in these accidents. This is almost always an avoidable tragedy. These deaths are almost always attributable to inattentive drivers of cars and trucks.

Motorcycle Racing Gloves

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a motorcycle accident, you deserve compensation. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Cravens & Noll are experienced in these specialized cases, with extensive knowledge of Virginia’s laws and these generally severe accidents and injuries. This experience has led to a long and successful track record of substantial recoveries for our clients.

If you’re looking for a Richmond or Harrisonburg lawyer to represent your motorcycle accident case, call the attorneys at Cravens and Noll. We ride and our lawyers can turn the tide in your favor against the big insurance companies.

Protect Yourself With Motorcycle Safety Gear

While most motorcycle accidents are caused by other inattentive drivers, you can still do your part to be prepared for any possible accident.

First and foremost, you have to wear the right gear. In Virginia, motorcyclists and their passengers are required to wear helmets. Helmets are 29% effective at preventing motorcycle-related deaths, while 67% effective at preventing brain damage. On top of that, riders who don’t wear helmets are 40% more likely to die. These facts should not be ignored

While helmets protect your head and are required by law, you should also wear durable, protective clothes in general. These include:

  • Eye protection like goggles
  • Thick, durable jackets and pants
  • Non-slip gloves
  • Long footwear like boots

By wearing clothes that cover and protect your body, you are less likely to suffer serious injuries, like road rash, broken bones, and serious cuts or lacerations. Making small changes to how you drive can reduce your chances of being in a dangerous or even fatal motorcycle crash.

Look Out for Distracted Drivers

Most motorcycle accidents occur due to negligent drivers who fail to see the cyclist. These drivers can merge into you before properly checking first, or make a left turn without seeing you coming the other way. Because of this lack of awareness, Drivers are also known to follow too close behind motorcycles, run into them through traffic, or even push them off the road.

In the unfortunate event that you are in a motorcycle crash, there are a few steps you should take.

  • Make sure everyone is okay and is not seriously injured
  • Call the police to report the accident and injuries
  • Get the insurance, personal, and automobile information of the other driver
  • Do not accuse the other party or admit fault
  • Visit a doctor for injuries. Even if you don’t feel any pain and can continue your day-to-day activities, you should still seek medical attention. Sometimes injuries from a motorcycle accident can take time to fully surface. It’s best to know about any possible injuries so you can document your medical history and create evidence if the injuries ultimately require you to seek compensation.

Above all else, make sure to keep yourself or your loved one safe and healthy. Motorcycle accidents can be physically and emotionally taxing, so it’s best to try and remain as relaxed as possible. You need to get healthy for your family and to keep living your life.

Our Caring Lawyers Believe Driver Negligence Requires Accountability

Negligent drivers are often the cause for motorcycle accidents in Virginia. A distracted driver can run into the back of a motorcycle, run them off the road, or turn into them while crossing traffic. Motorcyclists tend to be the injured parties in interactions with cars and trucks, and generally speaking, the accidents and injuries are much more severe.

Driver mistakes can lead to serious injuries or even fatal crashes. In these cases, the motorcyclist is usually not at fault and they or their families deserve proper compensation for the damages they’ve sustained through no fault of their own. Cravens & Noll has the team to help. We are familiar with not only the common mechanisms of motorcycle crashes, but also the resulting common injuries motorcyclists face: head trauma, broken arms, shoulders and legs, amputated appendages, and severe skin scraping injuries.

Severe damages are common among personal injury claims brought by motorcyclists. Common damages for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional trauma / P.T.S.D.
  • Loss of income
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Lack of future job opportunities
  • Funeral expenses
  • Family distress

We believe that inattentive drivers should be held accountable for causing a dangerous and /or fatal accident. Those affected by the accident, be they the ones involved in the crash or the loved ones sharing the emotional toll, deserve compensation for their pain and suffering.

That’s why we take personal injury cases on contingency. You do not pay us upfront for our legal services. Your attorney fees will be based on a percentage of what you win in your case. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. It’s that simple. So hire the best. Hire attorneys who have dedicated their careers to helping injured people.

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