May 1, 2013

An increasing number of medical studies indicate that managing stress is essential for personal health and wellbeing. However, studies related more specific life events also confirm this general advice. For instance, failing to manage stress effectively when going through a divorce can impact the process in a myriad of ways.

For example, if your stress level is overwhelming you, you are likely to sleep less, experience poor health and be generally less able to focus on the process itself. You may then become more irritable and prone to rash decision-making. Months of negotiations can be undone in a single moment of rash behavior. Therefore, it is critical that you prioritize relaxation during the divorce process, as a failure to do so could leave you with an unfair settlement or undesirable custody order.

If you are already deeply stressed, it can be difficult to imagine relaxing. However, engaging in a few simple activities can dramatically lower your stress level temporarily. Choosing to prioritize whichever of these activities works for you over a period of time will help to bring your stress level down overall.

Consider getting fresh air every day that you possibly can. Taking a walk, reading a book on a restaurant patio or going for a bike ride are all great ways to change your scenery and breathe a little easier. Also, make time for your hobbies. Whether you woodwork, knit, paint or garden, this is not a period in your life where you can emotionally afford to neglect your hobbies, even if you can only spare ten minutes a day.

In general, it is important to take excellent care of yourself during your divorce process and to remain as relaxed as humanly possible. This may seem like challenging advice, but the outcome of your divorce settlement or custody process may depend on you taking it seriously.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Advice: 15 Ways To Relax During A Split, According To Readers,” Apr. 30, 2013

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