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Why relaxation is critical during the divorce process

An increasing number of medical studies indicate that managing stress is essential for personal health and wellbeing. However, studies related more specific life events also confirm this general advice. For instance, failing to manage stress effectively when going through a divorce can impact the process in a myriad of ways. For example, if your stress level is …

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Dividing Military Retirement Benefits During a Virginia Divorce

As war, conflicts and deployments weary our nation’s Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, military families here in Virginia and throughout the United States are shouldering the burden as well. And that burden is taking its toll – over the last ten years, military divorce rates have risen to 3.7%, more than a whole percentage …

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Dividing Assets Before Divorce… Even Before Marriage

More weddings occur during the month of June during any other month. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that April and May see more visits to Virginia family law attorneys to discuss the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is an important asset protection and planning tool for everyone considering marriage. Many couples are waiting longer to get married; …

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Tips to Help a Virginia Divorce Proceed Smoothly

In Virginia, a divorcing couple must show grounds for the divorce. This may be based in one party’s fault, such as cruelty or adultery; or it may arise from the couple’s separation. In a separation divorce, the couple must first separate and then divorce after six months (with no children) or one year (with children). …

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