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Adultery is Still a Player In Virginia Divorce Courts

Adultery still a defense to Spousal Support: Virginia Court of Appeals Reverses Spousal Support Award for Adulterous Wife. In the recent case of Mundy v. Mundy, the Virginia Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling granting spousal support to an adulterous wife. Mundy v. Mundy, 66 Va. App. 177, 184 (Va. Ct. App. 2016)  …

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Considering a name change post-divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways, you are likely facing a host of decisions about what your future will now look like as a single individual. One of the more intimately personal decisions you may be contemplating is whether or not to change your name after your divorce is finalized. You …

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The pros and cons of using social media during divorce

It now seems like Americans fall into two categories in respect to social media. One set believes that social media affects their communication in such negative ways that they simply choose not to engage in its use. The other camp seems to use social media with great regularity. Both approaches are understandable, as there are …

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Why relaxation is critical during the divorce process

An increasing number of medical studies indicate that managing stress is essential for personal health and wellbeing. However, studies related more specific life events also confirm this general advice. For instance, failing to manage stress effectively when going through a divorce can impact the process in a myriad of ways. For example, if your stress level is …

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Helping children of divorced parents navigate the holidays

By Monday, children all across the nation will be on winter vacation, if they have not already been released for their holiday. Teenagers and younger children of parents who have chosen to divorce will find themselves in a potentially stressful split between parental households in the coming weeks. Alternatively, some will wish that they could spend time …

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