Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a form of theft that involves the misappropriation of someone else’s money. Basically, if a person is entrusted with funds and then takes said funds, it is embezzlement.

At Cravens and Noll, our criminal defense team has experience defending clients against these charges. Our attorneys will help you through the complicated legal process, giving you the information you need to make sound decisions and fighting for your interests throughout the case.

Complicated Criminal Defense Litigation

Embezzlement cases are complex to litigate, and often involve the custodian of records, accounting issues, and if the embezzlement is committed online it can also include technological complications. We have a team of experts ready to help us prepare the best defense in your case. We have the experience to know how to weaken the Commonwealth’s case, and get you the best possible outcome.


Embezzlement is a form of theft. Basically, if a person is entrusted with funds and then takes said funds, it is embezzlement.

Facing Criminal Charges? Remain Silent!

If you have any police contact regarding your possible criminal involvement — an arrest, formal criminal charges, the police knocking on your door to just “ask you a few questions” — the best advice we can give you is be quiet! Exercise your right to remain silent, or your words will be used against you. If you must talk to someone, talk to a lawyer.

Chesterfield Embezzlement Defense Attorney

If you are looking for a Virginia law firm to defend you against embezzlement charges, you can talk to one of our lawyers to learn about your legal options and what we can do to help you in your case. Contact us online, call 804-332-6161 or 866-547-6373 toll free to schedule your initial consultation.

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Giving You Peace of Mind — Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience representing clients who are facing extraordinary challenges. Every case is unique, and that’s why you need professional legal counsel to help you decide your next steps. Contact one of our attorneys today to learn more.

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