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The best time to contact criminal defense attorney in Virginia for advice and representation in defense of any serious criminal charge is right away–while the evidence is fresh before the witnesses have scattered or have been arrested themselves, and before the prosecution is fully committed to the notion of taking you down.

If you have the opportunity to obtain legal advice even before an arrest or indictment, so much the better. Early engagement with a criminal law office on your behalf has a way of keeping the most serious potential charges from ever being filed against you.

For highly-skilled, resourceful, and energetic criminal defense services on felony or serious misdemeanor charges in state or federal court, contact a trial lawyer at the Richmond criminal law firm of Cravens & Noll. Our criminal defense attorneys in Virginia help clients achieve the best available outcomes on charges from serious traffic violations right on up to capital murder.

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Our criminal defense lawyers work hard to protect you from exposure to serious punishment in such cases as the following:

  • Violent crimes such as murder, homicide, malicious wounding, assault, domestic violence, or weapons offenses
  • Sex crimes ranging from forcible rape or sexual assault to possession of child pornography, internet solicitation of a minor, or statutory rape
  • Fraud and financial crimes such as embezzlement, false statements, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, or money laundering
  • Drug offenses ranging from simple possession to trafficking or conspiracy to distribute marijuana, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, methamphetamine, or unauthorized prescription drugs and painkillers
  • Drunk driving offenses such as DUI, repeat offender DUI, or felony DUI involving fatal accidents or serious bodily harm

At the Virginia criminal law office of Cravens & Noll, we work closely with our clients so that you understand your exposure and your options with respect to the charges you are facing and your most likely plea negotiation options. Our criminal law firm in Richmond and Petersburg believes firmly in early and aggressive engagement with the prosecution in both the state and federal courts, even while we are investigating the facts that can support your strongest defense at trial.

Our criminal law attorneys have a deep understanding of the law and the practical implications of a given charge for your family and professional interests can also protect you from unintended consequences in a child custody or divorce proceeding, problems with a professional license or security clearance, or your right to own a gun.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Richmond and Petersburg also represent clients in bail and bond hearings, parole violations, and on appeal. For an initial consultation about our approach to client service in criminal defense, contact Cravens & Noll as soon as possible in Henrico or Chesterfield.

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Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience representing clients who are facing extraordinary challenges.

Every case is unique, and that’s why you need professional legal counsel to help you decide your next steps. Contact one of our attorneys today to learn more.


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