Situated in the welcoming community of Harrisonburg, our Personal Injury lawyers are unique in that they cover all areas of law from Personal Injury to Divorce, accumulating over 25,000 cases across four decades in business. We pride ourselves on being Your Lawyers For Life, prioritizing prompt and affordable resolution of your legal matters while ensuring your rights are safeguarded with the highest standard of professionalism. No matter the legal challenge you face, our commitment to excellence spans across various areas, providing comprehensive assistance tailored to your needs.

Our team of local lawyers understands the intricacies of your situation, whether it’s a divorce, personal injury, criminal charges, or bankruptcy. Count on us for dedicated and professional legal advice, guiding you through the complexities with expertise and empathy.

Holistic Legal Support in Harrisonburg

  • Personal Injury Law: We provide effective representation for personal injury cases, advocating for fair compensation for harm caused by other’s negligence.
  • Family Law & Divorce: Navigate familial legal matters with our skilled Family Divorce Lawyers and dedicated Divorce Lawyers, offering empathetic and strategic counsel.
  • Bankruptcy Law: Guide through debt relief and financial restructuring with our Bankruptcy Lawyers, providing a fresh start for financial challenges.
  • Criminal Defense: Vigorous representation by our Criminal Defense team, upholding the rights of the accused in legal challenges.
  • Small Business Law: We provide support for entrepreneurs with our Small Business Law practitioners addressing legal matters, from contracts to compliance.
  • Traffic & DUI: We provide strategic defense for traffic violations and DUI charges, ensuring fair legal proceedings.
  • Estate Planning: Our lawyers secure legacies with comprehensive Estate Planning services, protecting assets and ensuring wishes are honored.
  • Federal Tort Claims Act: Our lawyers navigate claims against the federal government with knowledgeable representation in matters covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Connect with Cravens & Noll, PC for Tailored Legal Assistance

Discover steadfast legal representation in Harrisonburg and other locations in Virginia like Richmond, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, and Henrico. As Your Lawyers For Life, our seasoned local lawyers provide effective solutions for personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and more. We prioritize prompt, affordable resolutions with a commitment to professionalism. Count on us for holistic support, tailored to your needs, ensuring your rights are safeguarded in various legal challenges. Contact us for dedicated and empathetic legal advice.




Howard Payne

“Absolutely the best people I’ve ever been fortunate to meet and have assist me with my legal issues.
Professional, courteous, respectful and straight forward about the possible actions and potential results.
If you EVER need legal representation that is not just there to process and profit from your unfortunate experiences, Mr. J Thomas Cravens is your go-to.”

Linda Keery

“The staff at Cravens and Noll are friendly, compassionate, and professional. I’m always able to get an appointment when I need to speak to someone. I’m a customer for life!”

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