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Prince George Child Support & Custody Attorney

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In Prince George, Virginia and all surrounding areas our child support & child custody attorneys represent both divorcing parents and unmarried parents in cases that involve your relationship with your children: Contact us today for your initial consultation regarding child custody disputes, child support modification proceedings, and the resolution of issues that can affect your visitation rights. We also serve the needs of clients in adoptions, name changes, and paternity matters.

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Virginia law requires that child custody disputes be resolved according to the best interests of the child or children. The Virginia statute on point requires the Judge to consider a number of factors that the court must consider in awarding primary physical custody to one parent or the other. Interestingly, one important factor is the relative willingness of each parent to allow the other parent access to the child. In other words, the more you can demonstrate your understanding of the importance of each parent’s relationship with your child, the more seriously the judge will regard you as a primary custodial parent.

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