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Air travel is among the safest forms of commercial travel, if proper precautions are taken. We rely on pilots, aviation safety inspectors and air traffic controllers to keep us safe while in the air.

When there are lapses in safety among the many moving parts in the aviation industry, negligent acts cause fatal and/or severe consequences. We hold those who cause or create accidents accountable.

Causes of Airplane Accidents

Typical causes of airplane accidents include:

Human error

  • Failure to follow proper take-off/landing procedures
  • Premature descent
  • Excessive landing speed
  • Missed runways
  • Failure to refuel
  • Navigation mistakes
  • Dangerous miscalculations

Equipment malfunction

  • Engine failure
  • Structural design flaw
  • Air frame fatigue

Bad weather

  • Failure to account for or properly check the weather
  • Underestimating dangerous conditions
  • Failing to obey proper procedures in bad weather

Regardless of the cause, an aviation attorney can find the evidence that shows negligence.

Why It’s Important Which Aviation Accident Attorney You Choose

Plane accident cases are extremely complex. The evidence can be obscured in the crash and there are challenging legalities to navigate.

Immediately after a plane crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducts an immediate investigation at the scene. Over the course of the next 1-3 years, they meticulously reconstruct the accident and remains of the airplane to assess the causes of the accident and assign responsibility.

You should pick a lawyer that does their due diligence in examining the evidence and understands the nature and causes of aviation accidents. One of the attorneys on staff, though not a pilot, has done extensive pilot training to include ground school and flight training. This direct knowledge of flight skills, aeronautics, and air frames is an unmistakable advantage in aircraft accident cases.

What Cravens & Noll Can Do for You

Our attorneys are prepared to investigate all facts of the plane crash, including the NTSB reports and locating the evidence necessary to prove liability in your case.

In cases involving major airlines, our staff will work with other firms involved in the case, enabling us to handle any size commercial airline accident or injury matter on your behalf.

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