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Over 25,000 Virginians have trusted Cravens & Noll to care for their legal needs across 4 decades in business. We know that every legal case is always…personal. No matter what you are facing right now – whether divorce, personal injury, criminal charges, or bankruptcy –  these are all emotional events that impact your life and your family’s lives as well. We work hard to be your lawyers for life. That means giving your individual case the one-on-one attention and care it deserves.

Our team of trusted and local lawyers, with offices in Richmond and Harrisonburg, will assist you with dedicated and professional legal advice. In times like this, you need answers, stability, and confidence. Our calculated approach quickly evaluates and stabilizes your situation immediately to prepare you for the legal matters ahead. Our goal as your attorney is that you feel immediate relief from the moment you contact us. We can meet with you face-to-face, by video, by telephone, or together in our office.

Contact our Virginia attorneys today for a consultation. At your appointment, we will ease the burden on your shoulders and provide you with options on how to proceed.

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Personal Injury Lawyers In Richmond VA

At Cravens & Noll we represent individuals, not the insurance company. From day one, you’ll work with our diverse team of trusted and local lawyers for the one-on-one care your case and life deserve. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, or were a victim of medical malpractice, our law firm will never give you false expectations about the potential outcome of your case. We always offer evening and Saturday initial consultations. Call or complete our form to complete an appointment form and find a time that is convenient.

We can represent you in many different personal injury cases including:

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Bankruptcy may feel like a last resort but it can actually lead to a fresh start for your life. Our trusted and local bankruptcy attorneys will protect you and show you how you can get caught up and enjoy a new financial beginning.

If you are unemployed, credit collectors are calling, medical bills are mounting up, your credit cards are maxed out, or car loans and other bills are going unpaid, then our bankruptcy attorneys can help you find peace of mind.

There is hope to keep your head above water. You do not have to be trapped by your debt any longer.

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Family Law

Family legal issues are nearly impossible to resolve on your own. Whether divorce, separation, or custody disputes there are many complex, emotional decisions that have to be made which will affect your life for years to come. Our trusted and local lawyers will help you through what is one of the most difficult times in your life.

When children or significant financial assets are involved, it makes the whole situation much more volatile.

While our clients often come to a resolution before the courtroom, there are many other times where the only alternative is fighting for your rights in court. If your partner will not compromise with you, we can help.

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Estate Planning

Planning for your future and those you care about doesn’t have to be complicated. Our trusted and local estate attorneys will ask all the right questions and walk you through the entire process quickly and efficiently.

Estate planning can bring real peace of mind to your everyday life. If an emergency situation happens, you can rest assured knowing that you and your loved ones will have a plan to avoid any unnecessary turmoil that may otherwise come up.

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Small Business Law

Starting a new business properly requires a lot of paperwork and a lot of attention to detail. And running a business means there will always be ongoing challenges including collections from clients for past-due bills, hiring and terminations, even negotiating these unchartered waters of operations in the COVID-era.

Our trusted and local small business Attorneys are here to protect your personal assets and your business against liabilities and any challenges that may arise. We also keep up to date with the latest laws passed by the Virginia legislature which could impact your business.

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Criminal Defense

In an instant, your life can change. A criminal charge can impact you now and in the future – where you live, how you are seen by the community, and what jobs you can get. Early engagement with our trusted and local legal defense lawyers will give you a fighting chance and return your life to normal as quickly as possible.

Our defense attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in criminal law cases and will help you achieve the best potential outcome for your situation.

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Traffic & DUI

The freedom that comes with having a driver’s license is easy to take for granted…until a traffic violation, accident, or DUI puts your freedom at stake. From day one, our trusted and local legal defense lawyers will work to return your life to normal as quickly as possible after a DUI or traffic case.

Our goal is to ensure that your driver’s license and your rights are protected. If you received a citation for DUI or other traffic violation, there is hope.

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Civil Litigation

You never know what life is going to bring your way. Our civil litigation lawyers are here should you need to bring a lawsuit against a business or an individual, or if you need to defend yourself in state or federal court. 

Even in matters of complex civil litigation, we will stand by your side every step of the way with outstanding trial skills, decades of experience, and substantive knowledge of procedural law and litigation strategy.

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Federal Tort Claims

Similar to personal injury cases, victims of injuries caused by federal agencies and their employees can sue the United States in certain circumstances, but it can be very complicated.

Our trusted and local federal tort claims attorneys have experience as judge advocates in the Army and Navy. If you have been harmed in Virginia by the negligence of a federal employee or agency then you will benefit not only from our experience, but also from the one-on-one care that we will bring to your case.

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When you're facing a tough situation, it’s overwhelming to handle it all on your own. We're committed to providing compassionate and genuine service to our clients.



We will be upfront and honest with you. We encourage an open, honest, firm culture where nothing is hidden, and you know the status of your case.



Our commitment is in getting the most favorable outcome possible in your case. We’ll develop a focused, disciplined plan to get the best results in a timely manner.



We're committed to a company culture where you'll feel welcome in our offices. We have many years of experience working with clients who have faced many of the same trials you're facing.



We have over 30 years of experience practicing law in Virginia and we can generally answer any questions you will have. Unlike many law firms, we have attorneys with experience in many different practice areas.



With four locations, including three in the metro Richmond area, we have the resources available to help in your time of need. We are committed to serving the state of Virginia in any way we can.

Melissa C.

Throughout a lengthy and complicated separation and divorce, Joe consistently provided me with honest, wise counsel regarding the process itself as well as what my options were. His background in the military as well as his extensive experience with family law proved essential …

Family Law | Richmond, VA

Jim S.

As an out-of-stater with a serious traffic violation to contend with, Cravens & Noll was recommended to me by a former colleague.  Mr. Cravens and his staff started to put my mind at ease from the first conversation.  I was kept informed and all inquiries were responded …

Traffic Law | Richmond, VA

Jeff L.

I have had a very easy experience dealing with Cravens and Noll. The attorneys do a good job of keeping you updated on your case.  

| Richmond, VA

Amy A.

They are a great group of professionals. I worked with a few of the staff but my go to person was & still is Donna Magee. She answered all of our questions promptly & in a clear & precise manner. She made sure we understood everything to the full extent & that …

| Richmond, VA

Tommy B.

After speaking with the staff at Cravens & Noll, I knew that I they were going to represent me in my bankruptcy case. Two reasons, they made me feel like I was important to them and they really wanted to help and most of all, the price they quoted me for my case was very r …

Bankruptcy | Richmond, VA

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How Long Will It Take To Process My Personal Injury Claim?

One of the most common questions asked at Cravens & Noll, when it comes to personal injury cases: “How long will it take to process my claim?” The answer is, it depends. In our experience, some cases can be resolved in weeks, but some cases may take months or years before they are fully settled. …

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At Cravens & Noll, we are Your Lawyers For Life and have protected the rights of over 25,000 people just like you throughout Virginia across 4 decades in business. Our law firm is committed to fighting for justice and getting results for our clients. Most importantly, we know that every legal case is always…personal. That means giving your individual case the one-on-one attention and care it deserves.

Our trusted and local attorneys are here to serve our clients across all aspects of personal and family law: Personal Injury, Family Law & Divorce, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Traffic & DUI, Complex Civil Litigation, and much more.

We are also proud to represent many small business owners in Richmond and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Regardless of the economic climate, an experienced business lawyer can provide the knowledge and service your company needs.

Above all, we represent the people, not the insurance company, and will never give you false expectations about the potential outcome of your case. We offer evening and Saturday initial consultations. Call or visit our website to complete an appointment form and find a time that is convenient.

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Over 25,000 Virginians have trusted Cravens & Noll to care for their legal needs across 4 decades in business. We work hard to be your lawyers for life. That means giving your individual case the one-on-one attention and care it deserves throughout Richmond, Harrisonburg, and all over Virginia. It is our goal to serve our clients with the utmost integrity, respect, and dignity regardless of your circumstances.

When you complete this contact form, you’ll be contacted by one of our local and trusted representatives to get more details regarding your inquiry. Our entire firm is committed to representing your rights to ensure the most favorable results possible.

As with many legal issues, minutes matter. The evidence fades, witnesses disappear, and the stories change. If you’re facing an urgent legal matter, Cravens & Noll can provide hope to your situation.

We understand your busy schedule and offer evening and Saturday initial consultations. Call or click here to complete an appointment form and find a time that is convenient.

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